Uncontested Divorce


di·vorce forms
/do it yourself/
1. forms you use to file for a divorce.
Where do you get divorce forms?
Many state courts provide divorce forms for free on their websites or at the courthouse! Often, the forms you buy from third parties are the exact same forms or similar to those that are provided for free!


When should I use divorce forms?

If you have a lawyer, you should always consult him or her for legal advice. Often, people who have an uncontested divorce use divorce forms to file for a divorce. Many document preparation services are simply filling the forms out for you. In fact, only attorneys can give you legal advice about your divorce. If you have a contested divorce, you may want to seek legal advice from a lawyer.

find divorce forms online

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New Jersey Divorce Forms

Click here to go to the State Courts Form site 

New Jersey Divorce Guide from LSNJLAW.org


10 STEPS TO DIVORCE IN NEW JERSEY – New Jersey Courts/Essex Vicinage – Local Court describes divorce process step by step

Atlantic County Court Divorce Resource Information Page – 

New Jersey Divorce – New Jersey Marital Dissolution Filing Fees 

New Jersey Divorce/New Jersey Marital Dissolution FAQ Page – Essex Vicinage – Includes FAQs on filing, Dissolution by mail, information for people who want a divorce in New Jersey but can’t afford filing fees and more.

Free Guide to Getting Divorced in New JerseyLegal Services of New JerseyGreat guide for people looking to obtain a DIY Divorce in New Jersey & Divorce Resources

New Jersey Courts SELF HELP Center – Information and resources for prose litigants seeking divorce or dissolution of marriage in New Jersey

New Jersey Custody and Visitation Mediation Program



How long does it take to get a Divorce?

If a case is a simple uncontested case you can get a divorce in approximately 3-6 months. If it is contested (a case where an answer is filed), the time it may take will vary.

Obtaining a Copy of Your Divorce
Records for closed divorce cases are stored and archived by the Superior Court Clerk’s Office.  Click the link here to go the the Divorce Case Record’s Website. 

Are there pro-bono attorneys that can help with Divorce in New Jersey?

If you are seeking to locate a divorce attorney in New Jersey and believe that you can not afford an attorney, contact your local bar association.  The following may also be helpful:

Atlantic County Bar Association – 609-345-3444.
Cape May County Bar Association – (609) 463-0313.
South Jersey Legal Services – 1-888-576-5529.

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Divorce Laws by State

The following is a list of State Divorce Laws that can be found online. The links point to the actual statutes that govern divorce in each State. Divorce laws can be very complicated. It is recommended that you consult with your personal attorney for advice regarding your individual situation & circumstances. No representations are being made regarding the accuracy of these links. They are maintained by third parties and provided as a courtesy.

These are direct links to websites which contain state laws relating to divorce:

    1. Alabama Divorce Laws
    2. Alaska Divorce Laws
    3. Arizona Divorce Laws
    4. Arkansas Divorce Laws
    5. California Divorce Laws
    6. Colorado Divorce Laws
    7. Connecticut Divorce Laws
    8. Delaware Divorce Laws
    9. Florida Divorce Laws
    10. Georgia Divorce Laws
    11. Hawaii Divorce Laws
    12. Idaho Divorce Laws
    13. Illinois Divorce Laws
    14. Indiana Divorce Laws
    15. Iowa Divorce Laws
    16. Kansas Divorce Laws
    17. Kentucky Divorce Laws
    18. Louisiana Divorce Laws
    19. Maine Divorce Laws
    20. Maryland Divorce Laws – See also Maryland Military Divorce 
    21. Massachusetts Divorce Laws
    22. Michigan Divorce Laws
    23. Minnesota Divorce Laws
    24. Mississippi Divorce Laws
    25. Missouri Divorce Laws
    26. Montana Divorce Laws
    27. Nebraska Divorce Laws
    28. Nevada Divorce Laws
    29. New Hampshire Divorce Laws
    30. New Jersey Divorce Laws
    31. New Mexico Divorce Laws
    32. New York Divorce Laws

    1. North Carolina Divorce Laws
    2. North Dakota Divorce Laws
    3. Ohio Divorce Laws
    4. Oklahoma Divorce Laws
    5. Oregon Divorce Laws
    6. Pennsylvania Divorce Laws
    7. Rhode Island Divorce Laws
    8. South Carolina Divorce Laws
    9. South Dakota Divorce Laws
    10. Tennessee Divorce Laws
    11. Texas Divorce Laws

  1. Utah Divorce Laws
  2. Vermont Divorce Laws
  3. Virginia Divorce Laws
  4. Washington Divorce Laws
  5. West Virginia Divorce Laws
  6. Wisconsin Divorce Laws
  7. Wyoming Divorce Laws
  8. District of Columbia Divorce Laws – DC Military Divorce Law
  9. Puerto Rico Divorce Laws


Source: Cornell University School of Law, Legal Information Institute