Uncontested Divorce


di·vorce forms
/do it yourself/
1. forms you use to file for a divorce.
Where do you get divorce forms?
Many state courts provide divorce forms for free on their websites or at the courthouse! Often, the forms you buy from third parties are the exact same forms or similar to those that are provided for free!


When should I use divorce forms?

If you have a lawyer, you should always consult him or her for legal advice. Often, people who have an uncontested divorce use divorce forms to file for a divorce. Many document preparation services are simply filling the forms out for you. In fact, only attorneys can give you legal advice about your divorce. If you have a contested divorce, you may want to seek legal advice from a lawyer.

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New York has Help Centers that run a volunteer clinic to assist eligible people in getting an uncontested divorce:

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Click here for information on the Volunteer Law Clinic for Uncontested Divorces

Click here for information on the New York State Uncontested Divorce Program

Child Support in New York:

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1. a divorce in which both parties do not agree on either the grounds for divorce or any issues, including finances, assets, child custody & child support.
1. legally dissolve one’s marriage with (someone) after a battle.


A divorce is contested if there are any outstanding issues as to the reason for the divorce or what should happen to assets, child support or child custody during or after the divorce.

To get a Divorce, you need a reason or grounds:

grounds for divorce

A divorce is not an uncontested divorce unless the parties are in total agreement as to:

  • Grounds: The parties must agree on the reason for the divorce (irretrievable breakdown, abandonment, etc). If your spouse does not want to get a divorce, then the grounds for divorce are being contested.
  • Property: The parties must agree on how marital property (including bank accounts, real estate & businesses) will be split. The must be in agreement as to how retirement assets and other such property should be dealt with.
  • Maintenance/Alimony: The parties must agree whether there will be maintenance or alimony and if so, the amounts and length of time such is to be paid.
  • Child Support: If there are children, the amount to be paid in child support must not in dispute.
  • Child Custody: There should be an agreement as to whether there is joint custody and/or a certain party is the custodial parent.  A visitation and parenting plan should be created and agreed upon.

If the parties disagree about anything, then they have a contested divorce

 judgment of divorce =

agreement/judgment as to grounds + agreement/judgment as to assets + agreement/judgment as to all other issues including child support & child custody